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The Grand Staircase

Learn more about the geological layers you will see throughout Northern Arizona!

The Colorado Plateau, or How the Grand Canyon Was Made

You ever wonder why some of the best and most sought out national parks and monuments such as the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Canyon De Chelly and Zion are so close together? Like, they’re somehow related? Well, that’s because they pretty much are!

Picking the Perfect Grand Canyon Hiking Trail

When picking a Grand Canyon hiking trail, it depends on what you want out of your day. Some trails are more crowded, but offer better, more accessible views.

What Lies At The Bottom of the Grand Canyon

Ever wonder what is at the end of Bright Angel Trail? Read more to see what is at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in 2020!

The Temple of the Grand Canyon

Learn more about the unique geological formation at the Grand Canyon with our Day Tour from Flagstaff, AZ!

Herpetology: That’s one cool lizard

Learn more about these unique lizards that live all around Northern Arizona.

Picture Perfect Photos for our 2019 summer vacation!

Tips and tricks to get the best photo from your day tour from Flagstaff, AZ this summer.

Join our Grand Excursion for your 2019 Summer Vacation!

See the best sights in Northern Arizona with our 4 day, 3 night trip across the Southwest. Take a look at what you will see each day

Consider The Raven

The Grand Canyon's Most Popular Bird in 2019

100 years of Grand Canyon History: Desert View Watchtower

Learn more about one of the most iconic buildings at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Wildlife: Mammals part 2

Join our tours and see how many animals you can find

Grand Canyon Wildlife Part 1a: Mammals

Join our tours and see how many animals you can find

Women in the Grand Canyon

Sometimes it take a bit of extra digging to find out about the amazing women of the Grand Canyon. Read about the talented and intelligent ladies of the Canyon!

Grand Canyon in the Winter

Even when it if could outside, the Grand Canyon can be an amazing winter wonderland!

Plan Your Grand Canyon Christmas

What's in a Grand Canyon Christmas? Spectacular seasonal views. The Grand Canyon can be a winter wonderland from December through February.

When Should I Visit The Grand Canyon?

When should I visit? At the risk of sounding cliché, the truth is that the Grand Canyon is outstanding all year, but each season offers something different!

Grand Canyon Vs Antelope Canyon

We often get questions about the difference in distance and features of Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon. We’re here to help!