Grand Canyon in the Winter

The Desert in the Winter

Contrary to popular belief, Arizona does get snow in the winter, but don’t let cold weather impede your winter vacation plans for visiting the Grand Canyon. Winter is one of the most spectacular times to visit the Canyon because there are fewer people, clearer skies, and wonderfully unique lighting for great pictures. The key to the southwestern winter is layers, always make sure to wear plenty of layers!



The colder weather keeps some people at home, but the rewards are great for getting out in the GC. There are less forest fires in the winter and the crisp air has a clarity to it that allows for spectacular view that can only be seen in the winter. A unique phenomenon is the presence of fog in the canyon, some days it can be a disappointment to roll up to the rim only to find a sea of clouds, but for those who are patient you could one of the most dramatic ways to see the canyon as the clouds dissipate.



The sun is lower in the horizon during the winter and creates a special lighting in the canyon that emphasises the blues and greens of the canyon. Keep an eye out for spectacular photo opportunities!



You may think the the cold weather will mean all the beautiful wild like will be in hibernation, there still is plenty of wildlife to find the in the canyon during the winter. Keep an eye out for squirrels, deer, and elk! 

There are many benefits to visiting the Grand Canyon in the winter. Bundle up and join us for a spectacular tour in our winterland. Please be aware that we have very limited booking on the dates November 22-26 and in December 24-Jan 1, call our office for availability.


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