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4 Season in the Grand Canyon

The beginning of a new year is just around the corner. Maybe this year you make travel resolutions or are eager to check a few boxes off your bucket list.
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History of Guiding in the Grand Canyon

Many who make the trek to visit Grand Canyon want to have an immersive experience by using a guide.
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The Geology That Makes Sedona Beautiful Part 3 of 3

Sedona is a gold mine. It offers a truly unique set of topographic features that is iconic for the southwestern region of the United States.
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Women in the Grand Canyon

When looking at the Grand Canyon, it is usual for people to stop and wonder what happened over the last few million years to create such a magnificent sight.
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The Geology That Makes Sedona Beautiful Part 2 of 3

We can thank weather and the earth’s natural cycles for all of it. Geologically speaking, Sedona is a gold mine
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The Geology That Makes Sedona Beautiful Part 1 of 3

Nestled in the heart of Arizona is the small desert town of Sedona. It is well known for its beautiful landscape, iconic red cliffs, and desert juniper forests.
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Horseshoe Bend Geology

Before you have the chance to see the iconic view of Horseshoe Bend just South of Page, Arizona, your first challenge is to make your way up a mildly steep...
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The Skywalk at Eagle Point

As a top rated tour company in the heart of Northern Arizona, we often get questions about the popular Skywalk bridge on the Grand Canyon’s West Rim.
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Our Grand Canyon Spring Break FAQ

If you are thinking about a Grand Canyon Spring Break trip, then take a look at the questions and answers below.
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