Grand Canyon Travel Guides


11a view of tall red rock formations behind green and yellow trees

Perfect Length Day Trip: Flagstaff to Sedona

The City of Sedona and its famous red rocks, spiritual vortexes, and bustling uptown are 30 miles south of Flagstaff.
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Airbnb in Flagstaff? New 2017 Deregulation Means Low-Cost Lodging

While Grand Canyon Adventures doesn’t pick up at Airbnbs, they can still be a great money saver.
11a snowstorm dusting the rocks of the grand canyon

Plan Your Grand Canyon Christmas

Fresh white snow often dusts the rim of the canyon but only reaches a few hundred into the interior which stays warm year round.
11the last light glowing on grand canyon

When Should I Visit The Grand Canyon?

At the risk of sounding cliché, the truth is that the Grand Canyon is outstanding all year long-each season is different and spectacular in its own right.
11two people standing inside antelope canyon

Grand Canyon vs. Antelope Canyon

We often get questions about the difference in distance and features of Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon. We’re here to help!
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