Our Grand Canyon Spring Break FAQ

A light layer of snow covers the South Rim in early Spring.

Spring Break for American high schools and universities tends to be in the middle of blustery but sunny March. If you are thinking about a Grand Canyon Spring Break trip, then take a look at the questions and answers below.

What is the weather like?

Mid-March into April is still a bit cold but the winter chill is wearing off. Day time highs at the Grand Canyon average about 50 degrees (F) but could feel colder if there’s a wind chill. The coldest part of the day is morning. Be sure to wear a coat if you begin your day before sunrise.

A snowman on the Grand Canyon's South Rim begins to melt

Will kids enjoy it?

Of course! Grand Canyon National Park is full of humongous sights and popular museums and exhibits. Kids love to explore that’s what the Grand Canyon is all about. The Yavapai Museum and visitor’s center are sure to capture kids’ attention while educating them about the canyon. Older kids in high school and college will appreciate the sights and natural beauty of the Grand Canyon. There is 3G wireless internet service as well, so, no worries there.

Grand Canyon National Park is developed: paved roads and paths, water fountains, and bathrooms are all available. Cooler temperatures and smaller crowds also make it a bit safer and more comfortable for children. Park staff are friendly and happy to inform, direct, or treat a scrape.

Park Ranger Jess showing a mountain lion skull to children visiting the Grand Canyon.


What do we need to pack?

If you go on your own you’ll need to pack lots of water, snacks, lunch, cash, cameras, phones, and be sure to fill up on gas. Shameless plug: while you can go to the Grand Canyon on your own, you can avoid the headache of circling parking lots, getting lost, and forgetting to pack lunch by touring with us! Our professional guides are also fantastic with kids.

How do we get there?

To visit the south rim you’ll want to stay in Flagstaff, which is slightly more than one hour from the park entrance. Flagstaff is 2.5 hours from Phoenix, 4.5 hours from Las Vegas, and 1 hour from Sedona. You can also fly to Flagstaff’s Pulliam Airfield from PHX.

Welcome to the Grand Canyon National Park sign at the south rim's west entrance.

Will the Grand Canyon be crowded?

Yes. But not as crowded as it will be in May or the rest of the summer. Last year was the Grand Canyon’s busiest with over 6 million visitors and we expect even more in the future. Most people visit in the summertime when school and work vacations make it convenient. Traveling to and within the Grand Canyon during Spring Break is a smart way to avoid the summer crowds and heat.

Hopefully you found some of these answers helpful. If you are interested in learning more about our guided Grand Canyon day tour please click here or get in touch with us at 928-440-5079.

 Image: The Trial of Time is a path on the South Rim with educational exhibits on the history of the Grand Canyon.

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