Is Antelope Canyon Open in 2022?

curvy red, orange, and yellow antelope canyon rocks

Antelope Canyon is one of the most popular destinations in Northern Arizona, and it is one the most unique and beautiful sights in the world. However Antelope Canyon has limited availability to visitors. For now, the Navajo Nation has is operating their parks at 50% capacity.

Dining in Flagstaff

heritage square in flagstaff, az

Flagstaff has many attractions including great food, outdoor activities, and various museums, even in the times of covid!

Graffiti or History?

old black and white image of sheepherder and dog at camp

Early pioneers left their mark on caves, trees, and cliff walls for many years before it became illegal to claim a space with your name! Some of the early marking were made by a European sheepherding culture, the Basque.

History & Lodging at the Cameron Trading Post

large bridge connecting two sides of a canyon

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to rest your head for the night or just passing through, the Cameron Trading Post is a must see for anyone on their way to or from the Grand Canyon.

The Temple of the Grand Canyon

sunny and shady spots through grand canyon

Looking out at one of the many overlooks at the Grand Canyon, you’ll see just how vast and huge this National Park really is.