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Things To Do In Flagstaff After Your Tour

If you're looking for things to do in Flagstaff before or after your tour, you will no doubt want to sample the local flavors and do some sightseeing. Our tours to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend are tough acts to follow, but these...

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Plan Your Grand Canyon Christmas

What's in a Grand Canyon Christmas? Spectacular Seasonal Views The Grand Canyon can be a winter wonderland from December through February. Fresh white snow often dusts the rim of the canyon but only reaches a few hundred into the interior which stays warm year round....

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John Wesley Powell’s Grand Canyon Adventure

It's tough to talk about the Grand Canyon without mentioning John Wesley Powell. In 1869, Powell famously led a three month geographic expedition into the Grand Canyon. It was the first time white men would navigate the entirety of the Canyon and accurately document...

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South Kaibab Trail – Know Your Trail

Overview of the South Kaibab Trail The South Kaibab Trail is unique in that it’s the only trail that doesn’t follow an ancient Native American route or a fault line, nor was it constructed by early prospectors or explorers.  Built by the National Park Service in the...

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Grand Canyon Trip Planning

Planning a trip to the Grand Canyon can be a daunting process, to say the least. You’ll often hear people talk about North Rim, South Rim, West Rim, and the Skywalk. Where are they? Where should you go? What should you do? Where should you stay? We’re here to help!...

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Grand Canyon vs Antelope Canyon

Grand Canyon Vs Antelope Canyon We often get questions about the difference in distance and features of Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon. We're here to help!   First off, Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon or Horseshoe Bend are NOT the same thing. Yes, they both...

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