Team-Building Activities at the Grand Canyon

group of coworkers wearing climbing helmets on a team-building retreat

The Grand Canyon is one of the most iconic and breathtaking natural wonders in the world. With its awe-inspiring vistas, challenging terrain, and stunning geological formations, it’s no wonder that it has become a top destination for adventure seekers, hikers, and nature lovers. The Grand Canyon’s qualities also provide an excellent location for team-building retreats that can help organizations improve communication, foster collaboration, and develop trust and camaraderie among team members. Team building helps teams work together more effectively, promotes shared goals and objectives, and fosters a positive and productive work environment. By investing in team-building activities, organizations can improve team dynamics, elevate individual capability, scale culture, and drive success.


Why Choose the Grand Canyon as a Team-Building Destination

At Grand Canyon Adventures, we offer a range of team-building activities that are designed to help teams achieve their goals and objectives. Whether it’s a guided scenic tour, hiking in the Grand Canyon, backpacking, rafting, or kayaking, we provide unique and engaging experiences that promote teamwork, collaboration, and problem-solving. Our approach to team building is focused on improving team performance in a safe and challenging environment.

One of the unique benefits of team building at the Grand Canyon is the opportunity to disconnect from the distractions of modern life and fully immerse oneself in the natural environment. This can be a powerful way to recharge and re-energize the team, and it can also help team members gain a new perspective on their work and their goals. Additionally, the challenges of the Grand Canyon can mirror the obstacles we face in our daily lives and offer opportunities to learn in a team setting with low personal and professional risk.

group of visitors at a viewpoint looking into the grand canyon

Top Team-Building Activities at the Grand Canyon

When determining how to see the Grand Canyon, there are a number of ways in which you could choose to explore. When choosing which activities are best for you team, it’s important to take into account the skill levels of the folks in your group if considering something active.

Guided Scenic Tours

Many guests opt for guided scenic tours, as they offer an accessible and low-impact activity for building team cohesion and capability. Whether you choose to explore Sedona, the Grand Canyon, or Arizona’s national monuments and/or tribal parks, these magical landscapes provide amazing settings for teams to decompress. They create opportunities for shared learning, allowing participants to gain perspective and build relationships. Our guides help you understand the natural and human history of these special places, while our expert facilitators find opportunities to strengthen leadership skills and improve communication. Scenic tours balance relaxation, fun, and professional growth to create a low-pressure environment where teams will naturally connect.

Hiking Excursions

Hiking is one of the most popular team-building activities at the Grand Canyon. With miles of scenic trails, varying in difficulty and length, hiking is an excellent way to more deeply explore the natural wonders of the Canyon while building teamwork skills. Hiking requires coordination, communication, and problem-solving skills to navigate the terrain, and it can help team members develop trust and camaraderie by relying on one another. Hiking the Grand Canyon offers real solitude for teams looking to fully disconnect for a day and engage in an immersive team experience. These hiking trips are great if your team is seeking the remoteness of the Grand Canyon in a more challenging single-day experience.

group of people hiking in the grand canyon next to creek

Backpacking Trips

Backpacking is another popular team-building activity at the Grand Canyon. These one to three-night trips involve much more planning, as bringing all of the necessary equipment and supplies for a multi-day trip and camping in the backcountry is important. Because of the more remote conditions, teamwork and collaboration are absolutely vital to ensure that everyone has the necessary gear, food, and proper mindset for the challenge ahead. Our guides provide guidance and oversight to ensure that each of our participants has the opportunity to take personal responsibility for their own preparation. Leaders and teams will experience the power of preparation first hand as they set expectations for each other, adapt to group capabilities, and work together to manage group energy.  Multi-day trips offer a unique opportunity to overcome personal challenges and contribute to team performance.


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Facilitate a Team-Building Workshop with Grand Canyon Adventures

Grand Canyon Adventures partners with Jason Field—an experienced executive coach, board chairman, professional guide, and former CEO of WL Gore and Associates—to facilitate the ultimate Grand Canyon team-building workshop. Jason works with your organization’s leadership to create a customized agenda that aligns with your business goals. The workshop itinerary takes into account your team’s interests and objectives to ensure you get the most out of your team-building adventure. 

Our experienced guides are there to see that everything goes smoothly, ensuring guests’ comfort and safety throughout the workshop. Their vast knowledge of the area’s natural landscapes and histories are a wonderful addition to this unique experience.

Learn More About Our Team-Building Workshop

Planning Your Team-Building Trip to the Grand Canyon

Planning a work-related trip at the Grand Canyon can be a daunting task, but with careful preparation and organization, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved. Here are some steps to help you plan a successful team-building retreat at the Grand Canyon:

  1. Determine your objectives: Before you start planning your trip, it’s important to identify your goals and objectives for the team-building activity. What do you hope to achieve by bringing your team to the Grand Canyon? 
  2. Choosing the right activities: The Grand Canyon and Sedona offer a wide range of activities that are suitable for team building, including scenic tours, hiking, backpacking, rafting, and kayaking. It’s important to consider things like group size, fitness levels, and interests of your team when selecting activities. It’s also important to choose activities that align with your objectives for your Grand Canyon team-building trip. 
  3. Setting a budget: Determine the budget for your team-building trip and consider all the costs involved, such as transportation, lodging, food, coaches/guides, and activities. Within those categories, there are a wide range of options from roughing it, to five-star hotels and restaurants.
  4. Accommodations: Whether you plan to stay in a hotel, campground, or VRBO, it’s important to book your accommodations well in advance to ensure availability and secure the best rates. Consider the location of your accommodations in relation to the activities you have planned, and make sure they are suitable for your team’s needs. We certainly don’t want you to spend half of your day just getting to the activity location. We recommend visiting Flagstaff if you plan to look for lodging. Its location creates the perfect jumping-off point for the area’s adventures.
  5. Communicate with your team: Keep your team informed about the trip details, including the itinerary, packing list, and any other important information. Encourage them to ask questions and provide feedback to ensure everyone is on the same page and prepared for the trip.

team sitting in a circle in a canyon at a corporate workshop

Start Planning Your Team-Building Adventure Today

By following these steps and putting in the necessary time and effort, you can plan a successful team-building trip to the Grand Canyon that will leave your team feeling recharged, motivated, and better equipped to work together effectively. The team at Grand Canyon Adventures, along with our professional coaches, are here to help along the way by providing recommendations or answering any questions you may have. Reach out to our team today!


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